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Creating friendships that last a lifetime, leading your community in a better direction, and serving to make this world a better place? Then come to Omega Phi Alpha's recruitment, WVU's only service sorority!  Here you will find a wide range of different people who you will soon call your best friends. we held out Spring 2022 recruitment and fifteen baby bees were initiated into our sisterhood!

Years of tradition

The mission of Omega Phi Alpha is service. We provide opportunities for leadership and friendship through training and participation in service activities. Our hope is that out members will become life-long, service-minded leaders of others worldwide by collaborating with organizations and volunteering through a flexible service program.

Chapter News

We recently joined the Professional Greek Council to make connections with other professional, service oriented organization. In addition, we also welcomed fifteen new members into our chapter! We are completing some outstanding service projects this semester! Check out our service tab or click

                 for more information

Sisterhood Date to Raven Rock Overview

Congrats to our...

Fall Graduates

Makenzie Casto

Emily Cline

Alyssa Hansrote

Jessica Underwood

Spring Graduates​

Maria Amber

Caitlin Bengel

Maggie Bennett

Kristin Betts

Jillian Catalano

Margaret Craw

Julia Deutsch

Erica Dimino

Alexa Forbes

Alea Goodman

Mononita Khan

Anna Kurnot

Alyssa Niedjieicki

Laura Rabel

Emily Robinson

Nay Sanchez

Maria Stasko

Joanna Switala

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